JED Recessed Type Louver with perforated panel Fixture (T8 Fluorescent Tube / LED T8 Tube)


o Housing: Steel sheet powder coated in white resins with perforated panel

o Reflector: Double Parabolic

o Louvers: Top-closed Parabolic blades in High-gloss Anodized Aluminum

o IP Rating: IP20

o Standard: ICC

 Model: JED RTP-218 -21– 2x18W Lamp, 600x300x65mm

 Model: JED RTP-218 -22  – 2x18W Lamp, 600x600x65mm

 Model: JED RTP-318 -22  – 3x18W Lamp, 600x600x65mm

 Model: JED RTP-418 -22  – 4x18W Lamp, 600x600x65mm

 Model: JED RTP-136-41A – 1x36W Lamp, 1220x175x65mm

 Model: JED RTP-136 -41 – 1x36W Lamp, 1220x300x65mm

 Model: JED RTP-236-41 – 2x36W Lamp, 1220x300x65mm

 Model: JED RTP-236 -42  – 2x36W Lamp, 1220x600x65mm

 Model: JED RTP-336-42 – 3x36W Lamp, 1220x600x65mm

 Model: JED RTP-436-42 – 4x36W Lamp, 1220x600x65mm