JED pc 101, 102, 101(electronic type)

Model: JED PC 101 (Photocontroller 200-260V Electromagnetic Type)

Model: JED PC 102 (Photocontroller 110-277V Electromagnetic Type)

Model: JED PC 101 (Photocontroller 200-260V Electronic Type)


o Electromagnetic or Electronic relay structure design with surge arrester (MOV)

o Quick response which offers easy-to-test feature

o Provides wide voltage range (200-260VAC 50/60Hz) or (110-277BVAC)

o Twist lock terminals meeting the requirement of ANCI C136.10-1988 and Standard fot Plug-in, Locking Type Photocontrols for use with area lighting UL773, 4th Edition dated January 19, 1995

o Rated Loading – 1000W Tungsten, 1800VA Ballast

o Power Consumption – 1.5VA

o On/off Level - 6 Lux On, 50 Lux Off

o Ambient Temperature - -40⁰C + 70⁰C

o Related Humidity – 99%

o Overall Size – 84 Ǿ x 66mm

o Weight Approx. – 125g